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Jotne supplies engineering and fabrication services to the oil & gas and industry markets.
Our goal is to understand our customers' needs and to deliver our projects in such a way that supports the competitiveness of our customers. In this way we establish partnerships with our customers and thus promote  future growth and working relationships.  
Jotne employs 50 engineers and 60 operators. In 2014, our revenues were NOK 280 million. Jotne’s oil & gas and industrial activities are organized as a separate group. The largest owner is the investment company Jotne Group.
Oil and gas-related activities
We have the expertise, capacity and facilities to design, plan, build and supply turnkey solutions. Our organisation has extensive experience in the delivery of topside systems and products, subsea units and mechanical systems. We offer extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Our advantage is the close working relationship that exists between our engineering and fabrication activities.
We are big enough to offer high levels of capacity, and small enough to be able to adapt effectively to our customers needs and requirements.
Our customers comprise oil companies and oil industry suppliers.
The Jotne story
 vintage history
Jotne celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2012. The company started as a consultancy company founded in 1982, and hassince grown to include a wide range of engineering and fabrication operations serving the oil and gas and land-based industries.
Today, Jotne’s oil and gas and industrial operations are organised within a separate group. Our owner, Jotne Group, is a privately held investment company. The Group has grown organically by means of spin-off activities involving new areas. This has been achieved due to the initiative and innovative spirit of our excellent personnel and their ability to adapt to new technologies.
Industry activities

We are very active in sectors such as rolling stock, and the design and manufacture of stairways and guardrails for commercial buildings and industrial applications.
Corporate structure
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