The employees and management have together developed a set of core values. These core values are the foundation of everything we do in Jotne.
At Jotne we operate with a ZERO vision. Our objective is that all our activities shall be carried out without injury to personnel.
“Health, Safety and the Environment” shall have top priority at all times. Our  HSE-related work linked to all our activities shall comprise a process of continuous improvement.
At Jotne we are working towards establishing a healthy working environment combined with low levels of sickness absence.
We have enormous respect for the individual and we shall take care of each other.
Our fundamental belief is that everyone contributing to our activities shall arrive home just as healthy at the end of the day as when he or she left for work at the start of the day.
Jotne’s operations shall be carried out in a manner that safeguards our surroundings and the external environment.
The objective of our projects and activities is to generate wealth for our customers, our company and our partners.
Positive results give us opportunities for future growth and development. Our employees are encouraged to identify and seize opportunities which safeguard our commercial results.
We shall maintain performance by means of our dedication and staying power.
Initiative and excellent performance provide the basisfor securing for Jotne new and more challenging projects.
We value excellent performance.
We shall promote active development at Jotne by building strong relations with our customers, and by  understanding our customer’s goals and future needs.
We shall be receptive to new ideas and adept at implementing change.
We encourage employee involvement and we motivate our personnel to identify future opportunities.
Change shall be regarded as positive! Teamwork shall provide our employees with the opportunity to grow and to display commitment and mutual improvement by completing challenging tasks, taking responsibility and producing good results.
We shall continue to develop systems and work methods that can be reused, and which will guarantee high levels of quality and a healthy financial result. 
At Jotne we tolerate no corruption of any kind.
We shall comply with all prevailing legislation and regulations which apply to the markets in which we operate.
We shall be perceived as trustworthy by the public authorities, our customers, employees, suppliers and partners.
At Jotne we regard personal and professional integrity is essential.
Our actions and behaviour shall reflect our core values at all times.
When we say we shall do something, we do it! The ability to get things done is important to us.
Our stakeholders shall be able to trust that we live up to our agreements. Our communication shall be clear and direct– both in-house and externally.
We believe that the winners are those who are best prepared. We shall actively plan and prepare our operations with the aim of achieving good results.
There shall always be space for discussion and sparring, but once a decision has been taken, we shall devote all our energies to implementing and completing the task in hand. Our managers are role models, and have a special responsibility both to comply with our core values and to communicate these values clearly.


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