At Jotne we operate with a ZERO-vision. Our aim is to carry out all our activities without any injuries.

We strongly believe that work carried out safely both guarantees optimal quality and is the most cost-efficient. All adverse events can be avoided with proper planning, training and implementation.

Our employees must be as healthy when they arrive home from work as they were at the start of the day.

Good leadership is crucial to the development of a healthy safety culture. Health, safety and the environment is the responsibility of management.

Jotne's managers are responsible for preparing, adhering to, and improving the company’s governance documents, procedures and attitudes. They must take action immediately if they identify areas where improvements can be made.

We all have a responsibility to report and/or take action if we see that working conditions or operations themselves are unsafe.

All our employees have both a duty and the authority to stop work if they identify something that could be considered unsafe or dangerous.

The reporting of unsafe working conditions, adverse events and/or near misses is essential if we are to maintain a safe working environment.

All employees are encouraged to report such incidents so that corrective action can be taken and lessons learned.

Tore Fjukstad

CEO Jotne

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