Jotne E&P deliveres access bridge to Ekofisk

Jotne E&P AS was in January 2010 awarded the contract for the delivery of the access bridge between the temporary accommodation platform JackTel and Ekofisk M platform. This development is part of the ConocoPhillips Norwegian Capital project.


Further options were declared in February and March and the delivery now includes:

Access Bridge

Landing Platform

Transit tower with upending system

The Access bridge will be a self contained system for personell transport between the two platforms and is designed to accommodate similar operations at other locations after the initial service towards Ekofisk M platform
Jotne E&P will deliver design, procurement, fabrication and transport to hook-up site in Eydehavn. Engineering is ongoing in Jotne E&P offices in Oslo while the fabrication has started in Jotne Mekaniske Verksteders fascilities in Fredrikstad.
Delivery time for the Access bridge is approximately 6 months.

For further information, please contact

Ole Martin Moe
Phone: 23 17 15 61
Mobile phone:92 09 23 51
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