Lay-Spread delivery from Jotne Mekaniske Verksteder AS

07 December 2011 - Jotne Mekaniske Verksteder (JMV) as a part of Jotne Gruppen was awarded a contract by Ingenium for construction of equipment for offshore flexible flowline and umbilical handling. The equipment will be installed onto the vessel North Sea Giant on long term charter to Technip. Technip Norway is the end client for this project.

Scope of work included delivery of three large steel structures for guiding of flexible flowlines umbilicals from the vessels carousel, through the moonpool.

The North Sea Giant will commence Flexible flowline and umbilical laying operations for four projects in early spring 2012. As such this is a fast track delivery of fabricated items. Management and fabrication of this project is executed from JMVs facilities in Fredrikstad and, as of 2nd March, JMV has delivered more than 180MT of structural steel from it’s facility at Kråkerøy. The lay-spread equipment has been transported by ship to the vessels outfitting location.

This fast track project has generated high activity in the workshop during the 3 months project period.

JMV sees this contract as an important continuation of our competence within deliveries of cable handling-, umbilical- and flexible flowline equipment.

For further information, please contact:
JMV Managing Director Roger Cielcki tlf 90 77 12 24
Project Manager Ole Martin Moe tlf 92 09 23 51


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