Malay Yard A&B and Bagtyarlyyk

  • Client: Dresser-Rand
  • Award: December 2012
  • Delivery: October 2013


Scope of work

Assembly of 10 off gas turbine drivers for Dresser-Rand. Work comprises project management, purchasing and assembly activities, including assembly of company supplied equipment. The work will be carried out at the Jotne facilities in Halden, with project management at Jotne’s offices in Oslo.
The gas turbine drivers are part of a gas pipeline project in Turkmenistan, supplying power to pipeline compressor boosting stations.

10 off Gas Turbine Drivers


Since 2006, Dresser-Rand and Jotne have supplied nine similar gas turbine drivers for gas compression in the pipeline project in Turkmenistan. The current order is for new boosting stations to facilitate an increase in gas exports from Turkmenistan. Six of the driver sets will serve the new Malay gas field (Yards A&B), while the remainder are extensions of previous gas pipeline projects (Bagtyarlyyk).

Turkmenistan's natural gas reserves rank fourth in the world behind those of Russia, Iran and Qatar. The UK auditor Gaffney, Cline & Associates has estimated the field's reserves at 13.1 trillion to 21.2 trillion cubic meters.


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