Anode Structures

In Brief

The offshore environment is one of the most hostile natural habitat known. Any steel structure will face potentially increased corrosion rates from highly corrosive conditions, such as high levels of salt contamination, full seawater immersion, splash zones and high UV exposure.

Unprotected steel structures offshore corrode at four times the rate of similar structures located inland due to the prolonged wet conditions and high chloride concentrations. Rates are higher in the splash zone: up to ten times the rate for inland structures, with structures also subject to water erosion, winter ice, impact and abrasion.

Missing or premature coating failures results in expensive maintenance programs to repair missing or failing coating systems.

Jotne designs and produces anode tripod solutions, which is an economical solution for protecting existing offshore installations.


Jotne Solution

Jotne has the right resources, facilities and setup to perform efficient anode retrofit projects.

With engineering based in Oslo, fabrication in Fredrikstad and a network of suppliers Jotne can deliver economical fast-track projects.

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Anode Structures Services

  • FEED analysis

  • Solution design

  • Project management

  • Solution engineering

  • Fabrication

  • Sourcing and purchasing

  • Assembly

  • Installation

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