In Brief

Jotne has a wide range of production capabilities comprising mechanical workshops, assembly and testing facilities, dock and certified deepwater quays, and heavy lifting equipment for loading. We supply mechanical equipment, steel structures, CNC machining, drilling fluid systems, pipe welding, plant, tanks, heat exchangers and processing packages to both the oil and gas industry and traditional land-based industries.

Our production activities are grounded in extensive experience and a long track record in the service of our Norwegian and international customers. Our fabrication services include machining and the full range of steel, aluminum, titanium and inconel welding techniques for piping and structures, the assembly of mechanical, hydraulic, process and control systems, as well as functional and pressure testing. Improvements and audits are carried out on a regular basis to ensure full and continued compliance with HSE and QA requirements.


Jotne’s production capability includes

  • Erection of complete structures (up to 1,000 tonnes)

  • Welding qualifications for all types of alloys

  • Plate and profile bending/cutting in the thickness range 2-100mm

  • Machining of large size elements

  • FAT facilities for pressure and strain testing etc.

  • Function testing in compliance with customer requirements, including shallow water testing

  • Indoor production floor area (15,000 square metres)

  • Indoor crane capacity (2x50 tonnes)

  • Crane capacity for loading out (127 tonnes)

  • Deep draft quay facilities (7 metres water depth) follow-up

  • Floating and mobile cranes for load-outs


Our production facilities are located at

  • Kråkerøy, Fredrikstad

  • Industriveien, Fredrikstad

  • Tistedalen, Halden



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Jotne, Grenseveien 107

+47 23 17 16 00
P.O.Box 6629 Etterstad NO-0607 Oslo