Drilling Fluid Systems

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Drilling Fluid Systems (see presentation)

Jotne offers leading technology and complete packages, equipment and engineering for all phases within drilling fluid systems/mud systems. Our focus is on reliable and easy maintainable products to reduce cost and increase operability.

Rig upgrades, surveys and studies

We perform offshore surveys and studies to advise system upgrades or repairs. Study reports and documentation for detailed description of modifications and upgrades.

Re-certification and testing

Maintenance and re-certification of HP piping and valve packages. Work may include maintenance, re-certification, non-destructive examination, pressure testing and internal camera inspection at the client site, offshore or in our own facility.



Mud Mixing and Additive Systems

Powder mixing, dosing, conveying, handling and storage systems. Sack slitting machines, Mud mix hoppers, liquid additive skids, caustic mixer units and big bad units. Standalone units or complete mixing modules.

Solids Control System

Shakers, mud cleaners, agitators, mud guns, centrifuges, degassers, cuttings dryers, hydro cyclones and dewatering systems. Standalone units or larger solids control modules, easily offloaded at our own yard in Fredrikstad, Norway.

Bulk Storage and Transfer Systems

Storage P-tanks, surge tanks, dust cyclone & collector systems, surge tank cell feeders, valve packages, rock catchers and loading stations. Various sizes and solutions.

Manifold Systems

Choke & Kill Manifolds, mud gas separators, cement manifolds, standpipe manifolds and production manifolds.

HP Pump Systems (see GardnerDenver presentation)

Individual or complete top of the line GardnerDenver HP mud pump systems. New improved technology triplex mud pumps with minimized weight and footprint.

LP Pump Systems

LP centrifugal pumps for mud mixing/circulation, fluid transfer, charging and other rig transfer applications.

Mud Control System

Stand alone or fully integrated mud control system

Drilling Fluids
Drilling Fluids


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