Process Systems

In Brief

We supply engineering and fabrication for process and utility systems like chemical injection units, water treatment units, MEG units, pump packages power units and other related systems.

We have an experienced staff whose expertise in 3D modelling/Lay-out, detail design, fabrication and testing plays a vital role in meeting our customers’ needs. The construction of customized process and utility units in compliance with both industry standards and our customers’ requirements is our strength.



Jotne is involved in all phases of the supply from early phase studies through to detail engineering purchasing fabrication and testing. Our supply may include parts of the supply from pure engineering to pure fabrication and testing. Content of Jotne deliveries include:

  • Project management (management, planning, HSE, QA and documentation)

  • Early phase studies

  • 3D modelling and lay-out including piping design and pipe stress analyses

  • Structural / mechanical design and analyses

  • Electrical and Instrument design and routing

  • Technical purchasing

  • Fabrication, including material receipt/control, assembly and testing

  • Electrical and Instrument Installation

  • Surface treatment and Insulation


Process and Utility Modules

  • Chemical Injection Units

  • Pump Packages

  • MEG Units

  • Utility Compressor packages

  • Nitrogen Generator Units

  • Essential and Emergency generator sets

  • Waste Heat Recovery Units

  • Hydraulic Power Units

  • Water Treatment Packages

  • Other utility systems



  • Certifications

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